About Kleurprofiel.com


Kleurprofiel.com and Sublimatieprint.nl are part of our company Improve Colormanagement.

Our company was founded in 2006.

The founder of Kleurprofiel.com and Improve Colormanagement is Bareld Molenaar.


Bareld is a colormanagement specialist for many decades and is very driven in "making things work" for you.



Just a few devices and workflows I worked with from the early days of colormanagement until recent years (not complete yet)

Making scans on an analoge Hell drumscanner

at Neroc Verhees ´s/Hertogenbosch.  

Vertical drumscanner Heidelberg Tango at ReSolution Eindhoven.

Crosfield Magnascan 645.

KLIMSCH Autovertikal reproductioncamera for colour-, grayscale-reporuductions. Contone, screen and line.

Scitex Iris 5030 digital contractproofer used at Souverein Eindhoven, Souverein Weesp en Neroc Eindhoven.

Barco Graphics supplied the trending  graphic display in the nineties. An absolute "must have" for all professionals.

Mamya 645 camera.

SAGA cutplotter with Arms control.

Gevalux analoge system for the making of colorseperations on contone film.

MacBeth Transmission densitometer TD912

Gretag MacBeth SpectroScan

XRite iO2 Table